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The Insanity Of It All

Published by Dr. Joseph Kerwin

We hear it on television, read it in the news, see it at the mall and it is talked about at the office water cooler. Flu season is coming. Fear and worry is predominant as the winter months come upon us and everyone is bombarded with the possibility of catching the flu and cold germ.

If we only realized we set ourselves up for this.

Louis Pasteur, the 19th century French chemist, nearing the end of his life came to the conclusion that it is the soil, not the seed that was the cause of disease. In other words, a germ (the seed) causes disease when our bodies (the soil) provide a hospitable environment.

How we treat our bodies each and every day determines to a much greater degree than we are told how we react to the seed or the germ.

Let Me Explain

As the summer wanes and the fall is upon us we have our first assault to the body with the third largest retail day of the year, Halloween. We over indulge with sweets, candy and parties all for the celebration of it. We no sooner get through October into November and then Thanksgiving is here, again with increased stress, over eating, and too much to drink. Then comes the holiday season of Christmas, Hanukkah and other faiths. We know that this can be a stressful time of year for many. Again, traveling, home decorating, cooking treats and holiday parties with little time to rest. By the time the New Year comes around our bodies have been insulted and assaulted many times but we must stay up for the new year and celebrate. The hangover on new year’s day is the confirmation that we have worn out the body and must make some new resolutions repeating the same ones as last year.

It is now February and March and due to the increased weight gain of the past few months we become sluggish and inactive with little desire to even take a walk outside because it is too cold. Then it happens…….we “catch” the bug that just happens to be “going around” because everyone is getting it.

Is it the soil or the seed?

Can we do anything to improve the soil (our body) to protect us from the seed (the germ)?

During the madness and chaos created by the events of the last few months of the year many of us our taking in too many toxins and far too little nutrients to sustain optimum health.

Vibrancy of health is attained with employing and maintaining a naturally healthy lifestyle that will optimize your body’s innate healing abilities and minimize the fear that paralyzes us into thinking we have no control.

In the insanity of it all… it the seed or the soil?